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8/25/2019 2:10:45 PM

Victoria Beckham blown £1.5million on 100 virtually identical Birkin bags

Victoria Beckham, wife of footballer David Beckham, visited The Marc Jacobs Show in New York, part of Fashion Week   Victoria Beckham

She is addicted on bags, and only extremely expensive bags ! wears sun glasses all the time ...and a famous celebrity with an unfriendly face ! Yes, Victoria Beckham

She is handbag obsessed and spends money on them like anything. Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl, has been reported by The Big Money to own a bag collection worth AU $3,000,000, which comes around to approximately US $2.3 million.

Victoria Beckham at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, France   Victoria Beckham

Posh’s collection of the classic handbags includes about 100 Hermes Birkin designer bags. Named after actress Jane Birkin, the Birkin has turned out to be a must-have status symbol for the fashionistas. Her bags range from approximately $6,000 to more than $100,000.  

Victoria Beckham heads into Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods department store in New York City   Victoria Beckham departing for Los Angeles, Heathrow Airport

The exclusive “Silver Himalayan” bag in her collection alone carries a stocky price tag of about $125,000 and it’s festooned with a three carat diamond. With that amount of money, someone could buy a luxury car or a good house, but then, she is the true bag lady.


Victoria Beckham Out and About in New York   Victoria Beckham London`s Heathrow Terminal 5


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