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7/14/2020 4:50:25 AM

Chinese man saves girl from suicide while taking wedding photos with bride

groom saves girl

The groom said: "That day, when my girlfriend and I was taking our wedding photos on the beach then we saw a girl slowly going into the sea. At first we thought the girl just wanted to play with the wave, but only when water was over her chest, she still went straight into the sea, me and my photography assistant took off our clothes and jumped into the sea. At that time the girl was about 31 miles (50km) away from the shore. She didnt want me to help but I tried to convince her. By the time she was exhausted because of the deep water me and my assistant carried her to the shore"

Many young Chinese people have expressed their admiration and praised the brave groom. Here is the image recording process to save the girl

groom saves girl1

groom saves girl2

groom saves girl3

groom saves girl4

groom saves girl5

groom saves girl6

groom saves girl7
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