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3/24/2019 11:57:11 AM

Beautiful Lin Chi-ling at "dwelling in the fuchun mountains" premiere

The action film "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains," named after the famous painting by Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Gongwang, will start shooting in September, 163.com reports.

Actor-singer Andy Lau and model-turned-actress Lin Chi-ling will play the lead male and female roles.


The relationship between them in the movie is similar to that of the American film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," according to the report.

The shooting for the big-budget project will take place in six cities in four countries, including Hangzhou, Fuyang, Taipei, Tokyo, Milan and Dubai.

Chinese and American directors will co-direct the flick.

The film is about the story behind the painting entitled "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains," which is about to be publicly exhibited and causes a big stir among thieves and gangsters.

"Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" is a 660-year-old landscape painting that was accidentally split in two some 300 years ago. After the smaller half had been restored, it was put on display in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Hangzhou, while the larger piece was exhibited at the Taipei Palace Museum. The two halves were rejoined in May and will be exhibited as a whole painting until September 25 at the Taipei Palace Museum.


Pictures of Lin Chi-ling and Andy Lau

Lin Chi ling long evening dress

Lin Chi ling long evening dress1

Lin Chi ling long evening dress2

Lin Chi ling long evening dress3


Actor-singer Andy Lau



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