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8/10/2020 9:39:00 PM

GnG designs most expensive $108,880 iPhone shell for the insulated uber-rich

Those who prefer their iPhone 3G in its minimal Apple look can now flash it proudly among the diamond-studded Amosu, Peter Aloisson and Knalihs luxury versions with this precious iPhone shell from the German label GnG.


This German start-up is envisioned by two young guys, Gerrit Guggenberger and Martin are Gadalla. The precious iPhone shell consists of a framework into which the phone is used, and the sub-shell which will then be linked together.

iphone case

The shell consists of 140 grams of 18-carat gold filled with about 200 diamonds and a logo which itself is encrusted with 400 diamonds.

iphone case1

The logo can further be customized. The shell is thin and only 1mm inside with a special high-tech carbon fiber inlay for high dimensional stability and security. Featured here is the “Golden Delicious” model, which carries an outlandish price tag of 77,777 euros, i.e. $ 108,880, which makes the $20,000 diamond-studded iPhone case from Casemate a rather affordable version.

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