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7/5/2020 4:52:00 AM

Modern Warfare 2 moves beyond teasing trailer

Infinity Ward has tested our patience in recent times; first at NBA playoffs, then on Game Trailers TV. After teasing us into submission, it has come good on its promise of providing a gameplay trailer of Modern Warfare 2, one that’s been aptly titled ‘Reveal’. The game is supposed to be released on 10th of November, 2009 and was detailed only earlier this month.



Trailer after break

The trailer meanwhile, puts these into perspective. About two minutes of footage shows battle scenes in a variety of locales: urban streets, an airport, sunny Rio, and an assault on a mountaintop fortress. It starts with a reference to the final encounter with Imran Zakhaev and then moves on to action. Do lookout for hapless hostages, snowmobiles full throttle, and a clear hint of a continuation of gritty tone from the previous installment. Elsewhere on the web you can also find three screenshots depicting Modern Warfare’s single player capabilities.

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