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9/23/2019 8:44:56 PM

Chic Solar Powered Bus Stop to Replace Cars

While Americans have begun to use cars more than ever, here is a new design by the students of MIT which might change that very ‘ungreen’ habit of people to use cars and avoid public transportation. The students have designed the EyeStop which is an amazingly chic bus stop that is aimed at getting the Americans back at the bus stops.


Passengers can now wait for the bus and engage themselves through televised entertainment, news, weather service, solar powered experience, interactive web tools, eboard where they can put up ads, and much more. It is even being touted as a future community gathering space.


I somehow even doubt the functionality of the bus stop, as people may play the fools if its located in a weird neighborhood. EyeStop certainly looks chic but it is nothing compared to the petrol guzzling luxury cars we always feature. Well, up to what you think, it's my opinion. Picture after break




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