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7/18/2019 1:15:39 AM

Physics Tattoo - The Biggest Nerd or Hottest Geek?


I bet this man, named Joe must love maths alot as he decides to put them on his back for whole life. Read what writes below:

Joe writes, “My tattoo is 3 lines of equations, the top is the Born Oppenheimer Approximation, the second line is the equation in the form of a 3-Dimensional Schroedinger Equation, and the solution in the form of a Schroedinger Equation.  As a biochemist and molecular biophysicist I studied a lot of this stuff and I must say, Schroedinger was my favorite and well, I had to do it.  The ink was done at Red Sky Studios in Tucson, AZ by artist Lisa.”

Some tattoos are sexy but some are just creepy. I can show you 2 samples which I like


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