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7/20/2019 4:54:06 PM

Chinese man uses his ponytail to pull a big bus

If I did the same ,I bet all of my hair would have fallen down ! Look at Jianma,a Chinese man in Zhuzhou province; he asked his wife to tie up his hair before buckling down to drag the vehicle for 30cm along a street lined while cheering supporters are standing on both sides.

He Jianma gets his hair ready with the aid of his wife


Jianma has won the Guiness world Records by pulling 8.28 - tonne bus while the previous mark set by a Malaysian for dragging a 7.874-tonne vehicle. More pictures after break

He Jianma takes the strain of an 8.28-tonne bus


The finishing line is in sight for He Jianma`s record attempt

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