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7/14/2020 2:35:54 AM

Dont misunderstand me!! Funny video


Three teenage girls are on their way to a concert, driven by the father of one of the girls. They sing, “All the boys are calling Crazy Girl!” with the car stereo blazing away. The daughter says, “I hope she sings this tonight”. “I know!”, say her friends in the back seat. She asks her dad to pull over at a convenience store. “We need gum!”. “I’m on it”, he says.

As the girls walk into the shop he realises that she doesn’t have the money needed to buy the gum. “Oh honey! Here’s some money.”

The camera switches to the view from a police car. “What have we got here?”, says a policeman, siren briefly blaring. Headlights reveal the man holding out the dollar bill towards a scampily dressed young woman. The super: “Don’t Judge Too Quickly. We won’t.”

Unexpected circumstances can cause misunderstanding among humans, check out more of misunderstanding funny video below you will see what I mean !


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