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8/11/2020 7:36:41 AM

BOA on right track to gain young American hearts

BoA (a.k.a Beat of Angel) is no stranger to breaking ground in a foreign country. You know that she is on the way to gain young American's heart.  Since debuting in Korea at age 13, she has released successful albums in both her homeland and Japan while garnering fame all across the Asian continent.




On March 17, BoA went stateside with her self-titled English debut, featuring production from Sean Garrett (“Run It,” Chris Brown; “Yeah!,” Usher) and Bloodshy & Avant (“Toxic,” Britney Spears). 30 of May, BoA is scheduled to perform in Tokyo alongside Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas for the MTV Video Music Awards Japan. Recently her Album "BOA" has hit the Top 200 charts on Billboard at 127.  Not bad at all !!!


Korean pop star Kwon BoA


I am not a huge fan of her previous work, either her music, but you should expect to hear her name a bunch in the coming months. Check out her new video "I did it for love"  


Wish her all the best on US market, at least this video is awesome !

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