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11/15/2019 3:42:56 AM

Sombie vs brave kids funny video

Check this video of Japanese kids who believe that a zombie is coming to get them by their adults. These kids they don’t get scared, they even mount an offensive against the Zombie. I have to admit the Japanese has its own way to train children. After watching this game, I personnally think Japanese youth are brave, it cant be denied though the Japanese history is an evidence. After Tokyo got a bomb from America, it is now one of the most developed coutnry in Asia, this proves that their spirit is really high; while Vietanam win the America war, but still far behind technology and modernization..



Anyway, this game is also a little bit cruel to children when they scare thier emotion but I laugh so hard when I see the boy crys in the end....hahaha...he is so brave while fighting but afterward he's just a pu$$y.....hahahaha....

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