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7/13/2020 5:52:47 PM

Celebrity caricatures

Celebrities are the beautiful people, right? All flawless skin and symmetrical features. Shambling pieces of human detritus like the rest of us should feel privileged just to breathe the same air as these perfect, luminous demigods. These comics reveal that they have big noses, gappy teeth or sticky-out ears just like everybody else. Check them out

Amy Winehouse, as she probably will actually look in a couple of months' time

Amy Winehouse caricature

Angelina Jolie's lips were pretty big to begin with

Angelina Jolie caricature

Daniel Craig - the name's ears - big ears

Daniel Craig caricature

Tom Cruise looking as weird as his belief system

Tom Cruise caricature

As if Gordon Brown's week hasnt been bad enough already....

Gordon Brown caricature

Paris Hilton look a bit like Harriet Harman huh???

Paris Hilton caricature

Jimi Hendrix - from guitar god to Fraggle Rock inhabitant in a few easy strokes of the airbrus

Jimi Hendrix caricature

Barack Obama - or, for Star Trek fans, President Ferenghi

Barack Obama caricature

 Snoop Dogg in his incarnation as an Easter Island statue

Snoop Dogg caricature

 Will Smith's funny-shaped head, now even more funny-shaped

Will Smith caricature

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