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10/15/2018 10:08:36 PM

Tomato fight festival in Colombia

People laugh as they throw tomatoes at each other

Tomato festival was held in a stadium in Sutamarchan, Colombia. Some 15 tons of tomatoes are thrown by, and at, revellers during the festival. The tomato-throwing is the highlight of a three-day celebration of the tomato. Besides, they have other events include a contest for the biggest tomato, and a tomato-eating race

 The idea for the festival came from the more famous La Tomatina festival held annually in the town of Buñol near Valencia, Spain. By joining this game you can have little fun or use tomatoes t as a weapon to revenge someone you hate...hahaha...I would do that to my enemies lol...Check out some other pics after the break 


Revellers throw tomato pulp

Children pick up tomatoes to throw at each other

A young boy loses his footing in the tomato pulp

A group of children play in the tomato pulp

this is just ewwww

A boy covered by smashed tomatoes

A boy lies inside a bed of smashed tomatoes

A boy covered by tomatoes smiles

I wouldnt like being in this red $hit

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