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7/18/2019 1:32:10 AM

New Music: Wondergirls “Nobody” English Version



 I can just imagine Perez Hilton shaking his booty to this one. With the English version I’m more perturbed by the angsty singing and the glaring fact that Sohee should not be singing. I’m not saying that to be funny, it’s just really unacceptable to have strong singers preceded or followed by her voice.

 The Wondergirls have just released the English version of ‘Nobody’ for their American debut. The single is available on iTunes now and on Amazon on June 27th.

 wonder girl

The lyrics are good for the kind of song it is and for the target audience. It’s interesting, some people sound better in English and some not as strong. For example Ye Eun’s long note wasn’t as strong as in the Korean version because of the vowel change. I can see this being popular after a better mix of it comes out

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The Wondergirls will kick off as the opening act for Jonas Brothers on a 13 city tour starting in Oregon on June 27th.

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