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11/15/2019 2:08:37 PM

Korean stars dance battle I : Chung Lim, AJ, and Taegoon - Who has better skills


There have been several male solo singers who are good at dancing making their debut this year in Korean Entertainment: Taegoon, AJ, and Chung Lim.  Check out the video of  the Rookie Dance Battle between these rising stars.

The battle started out with each rookie performing a short solo dance with Chung Lim going first, followed by AJ, and then Taegoon. The dance battle ended with all three rookies dancing together. Check it out.


In my opinion, none of them are good lol, I've seen people who can dance much better, and really professionally....But talking about this competion only, I think Taegoon is better than the other 2. Chung Lim has nothing special besides moving his hat and jumping alittle bit, it looks bull$hit to me  . AJ’s solo dance is OK, I mean com'on every body can do that and I think he could’ve been a little more creative. But the 3 combination in the end is good though, isnt it ?



In an interview recently, Taegoon was asked how he feels about the competition with them and he stated “I don’t think we’re rivals at all. Instead of being rivals, AJ, Chung Lim, and I are all good friends. I am especially close with Chung Lim since we often share the same practice room. We practice together sometimes as sunbae and hoobae. Both AJ and Chung Lim show off a really good appearance, so if there’s a time when we all promote at the same time, I want to have a collaboration performance with them.”

Ok guys let's support them for a professional dancer careers in the future, hopefully we will see thier better performances in the next show


Good luck Chung Lim, AJ and Taegoon ;)

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