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1/19/2019 7:20:41 PM

Worst boob Jobs ever - Sexy but not

As long as men have vision, the Internet, and a special knack for being creepy, women will get breast implants. They’ll do this to raise their self-esteem and perhaps draw focus away from things that are lacking, such as their face or personality. Unfortunately for the majority of these chicks, they can’t afford  or didnt pick the right plastic surgeon. This means that there’s a chance that they’ll be stuck with a chest deformity that’s as unattractive as a cankle after a bad sprain. Below are the worst boob jobs the internet has to offer:


An Uneven uniboob, not good

Misdirection, bad !

Like magnets repelling from each other


It’s not good for boobs to look like a moon bounce that’s about to be shut down.  Tori Spelling made The Deflate famous and has chosen to rock with it, even though money ain’t a thang



The Side Underboob
Side boob and under boob are phenomenons in their own right, but it’s not good when your sideboob gives the appearance of a mini-underboob

Flotation devices: when breast to body ration is forgotten, things get ridiculous


ah ha twins mounds: Bolted-on immovable objects like Victoria Beckham’s create a nice chest canal.


Identified Foreign Objects
Hmmm, I wonder if there’s something sitting on top of her real boobs that’s not supposed to be there.  Apparently Jewel applied her white-trash-living-in-a-van story to her plastic surgeon selection

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