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7/20/2019 4:40:17 PM

What kind of hugs do you like the most?

1. `I Love You` Hug - A close cheek-to-cheek hug that says "I love you" even more with an added kiss on the lips.

2. `I Want You Now` Hug - A close hug with a bit of rubbing and grinding.

3. Big Bear Hug - Pull your partner in really, really, really close, put your arms completely around them, and squeeze tight.

4. Butt Squeeze Hug - A sexy, passionate hug. Pull your partner in close, lift your leg around their legs and give their butt a passionate squeeze.

5. Ecstatic Jump-n-Hug - Run at your partner and jump into their arms with excitement!

6. Encouraging Hug - Pull your partner close and give them a gentle squeeze with a light pat on the back.

7. Half Hug - A quick wrap, lightly touching your partner where your arms only go halfway around (hence, half a hug).

8. Passionate Squeeze - Pull your partner in closely and give them a passionate squeeze as you gently kiss along their neck.

9. Snuggle Hug - Usually works best when sitting on a couch, etc. Drape your arm around your partner`s shoulders and snuggle up in close!

10. Spoon Hug - While not normally thought of as a hug, the `spoon` is essentially your arms wrapped around your partner -- a hug! While lying in bed on your side, pull your partner close and wrap your body around theirs in a `spoon` position.

11. Sympathy Hug - Pull your partner close and lay their head lightly on your shoulder as you give their back a light rub.

12. Tree Hug - Find a large tree (perhaps while picnic-ing), and each partner wrap their arms around the tree to meet the other partner`s hands

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