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9/19/2019 11:14:27 AM

Another iPhone 5 concept, a real new iPhone evolution

Last month, ADR Studio published a concept of the iPhone 5 design which was really amazing though it’s beyond the Apple’s style which should be simpler.

This time, they called the upcoming 6th-generation iPhone as iPhone Plus. There are few strong suggestions about the name of the next iPhone generation, the iPhone 5, the new iPhone, or could be just iPhone. But ADR studio call it as iPhone Plus, inspired by Macintosh Plus, which shall be a real new iPhone evolution.

iphone 5 concept 01

iphone 5 concept 02

iphone 5 concept 03

iphone 5 concept 04

iphone 5 concept 05

iphone 5 concept 06

iphone 5 concept 07

Expected features
•Liquidmetal Body: thermoformed on a single plane, no junctions needed
•Screen with double alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass
•4.3″ Retina Display with In-Cell technology
•A6 Quad Core processor
•Rear Camera: 10.0 Megapixel, f/2.4, 1080p Full HD video at 30 frame/s
•Front Camera: 2.0 Megapixel (VGA), 480p VGA video at 30 frame/s
•Rear motion sensor
•Top pico-projector to beam photos and videos on any surfaces
•Slim design for an edge-to-edge thinner profile
•New slim-dock connector
•Fully Capacitive Home Button

Via senseiphone.com

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