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9/17/2019 7:54:12 PM

Jenifer Lopez vs Kim Kardashian - Who has nicer buttt !

This Heavyweight title bout is scheduled for 5 rounds.

In the blue corner, weighing in at 672lbs. With a record of 37 black guys 16 Puerto Ricans and 1 Mexican. Hailing from “the block” New York! Jennifer Lopez’s butt!

And in the red corner, weighing in at 704lbs. With a record of 41 black guys and 4 Mexicans. She looks like she hails from somewhere in the Middle East! Kim Kardashian’s  butt!


Wow both women come out wearing strikingly similar outfits. J-Lo’s backside is looking strong once again. While the Kardashian booty looks too large with no clear indication of where the top of her butt begins and her lower back


The ladies break out the panties for this round. Now I’ve seen everything! I have to question J-Lo’s wardrobe choice here. The pink frills hide the shape of her lush behind. Kim seems to have taken my comments from the last round to heart as she displays crack to clearly show were her booty actually begins


Look out folk’s we got a good old fashioned white vs black race war on our hands here. Jennifer’s butt seems to have shrunk this round. I don’t know if this is a defense mechanism because she is around black guys, like a turtle retreating into its shell, but that will definitely cost her. Kim’s booty seems to have finally found its grove and is standing tall


Jennifer puts on a gorgeous display of booty! She really brought the thunder! Kim’s butt looks dazed but it keeps plugging away. Guys ! vwhich one you think is better



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