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10/19/2018 3:10:37 AM

New way eyes make up make Korean Girls look like..... sick


I think girls change thier out look faster than boys, first they like big eyes using lens, then they like lens with so many colors: red, purple......, then so many eyeslashe shapes, some eyeslashes look like a caterpillar on thier faces. I'm not kidding, take a look at this picture below



And now.....a huge dazzling eyes . I often see girls with those eyes when they cry or after crying. Some girls even get pimples at their eyes and at that place too. So now I start to wonder do Korean girls like to  have pimples on their eyes..haha ....oh wow...these eyes just look ewwy to me, but it's my opinion, what about you ?

See more pics after the jump


AT girls and boys, do you like this new way of make up ?

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