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8/4/2020 11:05:48 AM

You will wish to have this “Window Phone"

The Window Phone Concept by Seunghan Song


If you dont wish to have this phone, then let me wish to have it  . It's so cool and amazing,  designed by Seunghan Song ( Maybe a Korean name ) this “Window Phone” makes accurate predictions and even changes its display to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors.  When it rains, you will see it's wet but I'm not sure if there is water coming out of it ( hope not, or else bad design haha ..)



When it's a nowy day, as you can see in the picture



Of course, it's a phone so Call fuction cant miss



And the most amazing thing about this phone is : you use your breath to control  the writing mode. So inthe  winter you dont have to take off your gloves, just use your breath



Just in love with it ;)

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