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11/21/2018 12:23:43 AM

Heroes star Ali Larter Gives Us An Eyeful

Ali larter 1


Heroes star Ali Larter has managed to get noticed this week by wearing a tremendously revealing dress, and then flashing her a***  at the paparazzi!  Don Chavez put the amazing photos on his blog, and says that Larter accidentally dropped some loose change and crouched down to pick it up, giving everyone a good old eyeful of her bum cheeks.


Ali larter 2

Ali larter 3

Ali larter 4

Ali larter 7

Ali larter 5


Some sources are speculating that the Hollywood actress isn’t wearing any underwear in these shots, but there could actually be a thong up that bum crevice  ...If she wears it or not doesnt matter, at least she gaves us an eyeful he ! 

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