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7/20/2019 4:39:59 PM

The Haunted Hotel in Colombia

The Haunted ‘Hotel Del Salto’ by Tequendama Falls, Colombia

The Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls 01

The Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls 02

From the website Eyes On Colombia, is this post: Tequendama Falls & The Haunted Hotel: “In 1924, the then-luxurious Hotel (Refugio del Salto was inaugurated on the cliff facing the waterfall but due to contamination of the river water, believed to be a result of the popular locale, it was closed in the early 90′s. There has been talk of reopening it and restoring it to its former glory (but as a museum or even a police station) which might help rid the place of its apparent ghosts. They are said to haunt the hotel and according to the caretaker, are believed to be from the old days when bar fights on the second story would end up on its balcony, sometimes resulting in a drunk patron losing more than the fight.”

Via EyesOnColombia

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