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5/21/2018 3:24:39 AM

Few ways how to cut a water melon

These incredible life-like sculptures have all been hand carved out of juicy watermelons.

Takashi Itoh, 33, spends up to 90 minutes on each fruit using a tiny Thai carving knife to intricately slice flowers, figurines and even a 3D portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

Hotel chef Takashi began carving the fantastic sculptures out of the green and red melons in 2001 after being inspired while on holiday in Thailand.

Life-like ... Van Gogh

Self-taught Takashi has created hundreds of sculptures including roses, carvings of famous people and classic Japanese historical scenes over the last eight years.

Takashi, from Tokyo, said today that his sculpting had taken over his life and although it was an unusual hobby he got a great deal of enjoyment from it.

turtle swan watermelon

turtle swan watermelon Takashi Itoh, 33,

Sliced ... melon penguins

watermelon  flowers

Detailed ... a swan

Awe-inspiring ... a flower

Sculpted ... another flower

Christmas time ... Santas sleigh

Fruity ... a turtle

Stunning ... a bear


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