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10/21/2019 10:53:03 AM

Artist creates giant sculptures from party balloons that look like sea monsters

With their alien-like appearance and giant size these balloon sculptures might be a bit scary for a children's party.

But after painstakingly constructing each one over three days artist Jason Hackenwerth probably doesn't want kids playing with them anyway.

The extraordinary figures, which look like monsters from the depths of the ocean or creatures from another planet, are in fact highly complex sculptures made of nothing but thousands of common party balloons.

Creature 2Ballooning mad: Two ofWeird and wonderful: This man wearing one of the balloon sculptures looks like a scene from another planetBizarre: This sculpture called Venus In The Forest` shows a woman wearing one of the huge sculptures by the artistReady to fly: This pink sculpture made of balloons looks like it is about to float up into the skyCreepy: This creepy creation was named `Cyclops` by JasonThis strange balloon creature appears to have taken off and is floating above a stream



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