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5/29/2020 8:03:18 AM

Whatever it is, this is just sick

 Have you ever tried these food in your life, would you dare?

Is it a doughnut or a dog nut? whatever it is, this is just sick 

I know there is a huge choice when it comes to doughnut toppings; however I think that this is one topping too much. Who the hell would want dog as a topping, well at least I think they are puppies. Just scaried and repugnant





There are some weird food being served up around the world, but this has to be the strangest. These two heads on a platter does not that appetizing, but the boy seems to like them. This has to be the sickest thing I have seen;


Sausage with pig`s tripe or chicken`s tripe or others animal`s tripe


This is the disgusting desert that I ever seen, it is sweet but it doesnt look like....  ground worms adding in chocolate cake and cream, just wondering to whom it served to ?    Dont make it to your sweetlover  

The fantastic salad, look like marinated with mushroom, tomatoes, puppies, ewww..., I can see there are 2 biggest puppies and a huge amount of tiny puppies, I wouldnt risk just for tasting 


This is absolutely disgusting, look like African food, used to make with tomato sauces and some beans, but this one is with worms....


Italian Spaghetti with ground worms, well, if they say it is healthy, I wouldnt mind to try  


Cricket with mushroom soup ? Nothing is more awful than this , I think ?

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