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5/20/2019 7:11:03 PM

Best Photoshop Mistakes

Best Photoshop Mistakes

In the world of Advertising and Print Journalism Photoshop rules! Photo retouches, adjustments and fixes ensure that an image completes the vision of an Ad campaign. Shifting an element within a photo or taking a photo from another context altogether is a snap and a dream come true for every harried magazine editor.

But sometimes things go beautifully wrong.

Here we present, via the Photoshop Disasters blog, some of the best photoshop mistakes of recent years.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson strolls happily along the beach with her 3rd hand on her left shoulder, at first glance, it is kinda scary but it`s freaky anyway  



Curves. The cereal that"s makes a black girl`s belly turn into white, awesome work 


The Sun, a British tabloid practices some ethnic cleansing. The same photo appeared in the Metro with the extra, necessary guy, driving the boat. It seems they did not clean totally the leg of the black man on the left of the boat



Polish teenybopper mag Bravo discovers Miley Cyrus terrible secret.



A RedBull beverage ad in Hungary.  That smile is gross, not sexy at all, ever in my life I have never seen a women with a big mouth like her 



Olympian got extra hand? Ghost behind ???



Ok, now these people work with eyes for a living… and they didn’t notice this?
Do not go to these people with your eyes.



This Mexican models waist is representative of Latino women everywhere.
It has not been photoshopped.. much at all.



The Daily Mail is another British tabloid which extols all the values of good journalism¦ not.
Ok, these people were just drunk and wanted to go home! I guess so



The Sears catalog represents all value-seeking middle class Americans. Even those value-seeking models with one extra large hand.




The alien-like fingers of Christina Aguilera. Freaky nasty !!! What could possibly go wrong?

So let me get this clear, Washington Post¦ Phil Mickelson is standing in front of Tiger Woods, but Tiger’s club after a full swing is in front of Phil Mickelson.
The caption makes it even better both players cannot have their eye on the same ball.
Phill might think about his girlfriend at that moment...




Amy Winehouse - what is this fascination with female celebrities and their 3rd hand?



Tutto Sport has severed an arm. Easy mistake, acceptable, understandable…and horrible 


man woman

This is a man or a women

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