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7/21/2019 9:54:34 PM

Heartless Chinese parent left baby frozen to death in a wild place


In china every family is allowed to have 1 child, they all prefer a boy to a girl. Therefore the rate of child girls abandoned is really high. And the story below is just one of thousand cases...

November is the national cooling, heavy snow fells over the north of China. A Chinese woman took a walk in the wild area near her home. She suddenly saw a quilt wrapped, when she opend it, it turned out to be a grown very beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, she has been frozen to death alive in that quiet and wild place.

Why her parents discarded her in the wild ? if they did not want her, and even placed her  in a place where someone could see her ?    


The police hurriedly took photos, a kind-hearted  woman bought clothes and put them on the baby girl, she then buried her over there.




 The Chinese government imposed a limit on birth in 1979: for the law every family can have up to a child (in the city) or two (in rural areas); in all other cases abortion is required. Every day they abandon just over 1000 girls born. People abandon or kill their children to be not discovered by the chinese government.

Males are favourites: on the contrary, families prefer to eliminate females especially. According to official statistics, the 97.5% of abortions is of female fetuses. This creates an imbalance between men and women so that millions of people can not get married and then they traffick women or abuse of prostitution.

Below you will find more abandoned Chinese babies in China, the scenes are really sad


 If I know the parents I will shoot them  

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