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9/22/2019 2:53:31 PM

Can you spot the invisible animals?


invisible wolf trees
Can you see the Wolf?

white frontwillow ptarmigan winter plumagehidden brushy slope near churchillmanitobacanadaanimalstrying their utmost fool predators butnot enough deceive international photographer art wolfe


having giraffegiraffe transvaalsouth africawolfeyear career has spanned every continent has followedpassion forenvironment


eye spyspectacled caiman llanosvenezuelawolfe worked make visually challengingviewer using depth fieldscale and placement and confusingsubject


great horned owl uses colour and disruptive patterns its plumage disappear temperate forest oregons malheur national wildlife refugeamerican pika performing vanishing actcascade range washington

leaf alonemealy blue crowned parrot disappears like just another leaflush central american rainforestchan chichbelize


snake eyeshorned adder matchescoloursandnamib desertnamibiathey bury themselves using swimming motion disappear beneathhot surface


spotleopard conceals herself vegetationbase tree kruger national parktransvaalsouth africa

gyrfalcon their nest built cliffcalifornia ground squirrel blendingits rocky environment

bark and hidegreat gray owl positions itself front similar pattern take advantagecamouflage oregonunited states


invisiblemale spotted deer disappears among sun dappled vegetation ranthambore national parkrajasthanindia

white tailed ptarmigan churchillmanitobacanada

stop monkeying aroundfamily japanese macaques disappear amid their rocky habitat honshu islandjapan


long grassimpala hiding vegetation botswana chobe national parkafrica


sandy place hidecheetah cub disguised againstkalahari desertsouth africa

water good place hidecommon snipewell hiddenshoreline vegetation minnesota stream

wandering tattler chick wrangellellias national park


out sight hawknighthawk resting rocksblends into its surroundings eastern washington


snow wayspotted herecoyote camouflagedsurrounding brushedge snow dusted fieldwashington stateusa


precarious perchtwo klipspringers camouflaged against rocky outcrop chobebotswana


branching outwell concealed blue dacnis takes rest foliage panama

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