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9/19/2019 11:13:28 AM

To iPhone users: do you have the same problem with this?

apple iphone5 bendy 01

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to beat all sales a smartphone has ever held this Holiday quarter, but with so many iPhones out there it seems that more and more users are starting to notice that the new device is less rigid than previous iPhones.

Give it more pressure, and the iPhone 5’s aluminum unibody will bend in an ugly way. Well, by more we do mean that those users would forget they had the thin 4-inch Apple smartphone in their back pocket and sit on it. And that’s pretty extreme.

But the bending that occurs is too, and that is a problem. The new iPhone is taller than all previous ones, and it is thinner too, at just 0.34 inches (8.6mm).

If you are wondering why is this being reported now, more than 2 months after the U.S. launch of the device, it is because recently the handset became available in more countries, including China. And China is where most of those reports about the bendy iPhone seem to be coming from.

It’d be interesting to hear whether the same has occurred to you or any of your friends. Take a look at those deformed iPhones below, and just remember - it won’t be a good idea slipping the expensive gadget in your back pocket.

apple iphone5 bendy 02

apple iphone5 bendy 03

apple iphone5 bendy 04

apple iphone5 bendy 05

apple iphone5 bendy 06

apple iphone5 bendy 07

apple iphone5 bendy 08

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