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8/23/2019 4:53:46 PM

Daddy, please don’t hit me anymore!

 It is truly difficult to believe that in this day and age there can be such a cruel thing and such an inhuman father. The children have temporarily been sent to the town welfare center/orphanage, and the father is temporarily living at the police station. But I don’t know how many days this can last. It's so  touching to see these pictures......what a heartless              father 



 This child, all he faces each day is his father's beatings; is the hunger in his belly; this is a face that does not dare to face other people's eyes; a face that sees other people having fun and playing, while he himself is locked inside all day.

This a home or a torture chamber. Blood was everywhere. Some was fresh, some had already dried. The child has been beaten so that he is covered with injuries, with fresh wounds and old wounds mixed together.


These feet were just cut by his father using needles and scissors. Upon seeing them now, I think some of you might hold your tears but......the violent doesnt just stop at that ..



These injuries on the child's back were from a beating today. No! They are cuts from a knife!


Is this a home? Or hell? The children's blood is throughout the entire house! This is the broom that was just used to hit the child. It has been broken, there is blood all over the floor.


This is the children's father, Yang Quansheng. He's from Jiangxi, he came to Ningbo to work. He is a painter. The two children's mother already left the family two years ago, fleeing his beatings. When asked: How long have you been beating the children? He said: Three years. J:  " In these three years, do you beat them often?"  He said: Almost every day

J: "Why do you beat them every day? Him: I asked how old he is, he couldn't answer. I got angry and beat him." J:  Do you dislike your child? Him: I love my child, so I hit him. 

 The community has sent the child to the hospital. After removing the child's clothes, and cleaning the wound, the child's knife, needle, scissor, club, etc. injuries made the attending nurses cry loudly, and infuriated the attending doctors




When the doctor was stitching up the child's wounds, anaesthetic wasn't used so recovery would be quicker. The child was strong throughout, never making a single whimper, or shedding a single tear.


 The head has already has a large wound.


The child's experiences and strength moved the entire hospital, with everyone present shedding tears. A helpful ayi (auntie) dressed the child, and brought some bread and milk for the children to eat. An old grandmother said while crying: "The child is only five years old and has already met this hardship, and undergoing surgery without anesthesia is something even adults could not endure without screaming. Yet this child did not even shed a tear. How could there be a father like this? The children's live worse than dogs."

In less than five minutes, a large bag of bread was finished, the sister said to J: They haven't eaten in two days. They have never eaten this bread before. It was really delicious. Only later after asking more questions did I learn that aside from noodles, they have never eaten much of anything else.

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