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9/22/2019 2:50:33 PM

The invisible man returns and harder to pick out than ever

seamlessartists spend hours carefully painting liu bolin from head toeblendbackground


vanishedincredible attention detail required for liu bolin blend into backgrounds such these shelves full soft toys


blink andmisstravellers could forgiven for not noticing artist liu bolin hiding this bus stop

popularimages have gathered critical and public acclaim acrossworld

disappearing actmatter how complexbackdropliu bolin manages become virtually invisiblenaked eye

patienceartist spends ten hours time ensureeffect inch perfect


frozen like statueartist has problem disappearing even outdoor environment such front this chinese statue


thin airartist liu bolin saysinvisiblepictures make statement aboutplace society

camouflageartist blendsrows and rows people dressed red hoods

art imitating artwall covered graffiti provides another fascinating backdrop for liu bolin disappear


fading awayartist createsown version family portraitmotherfather and child stood front lantern shop beijing


liu bolin nyc klein

artist china

artist china

onzichtbare man

invisible man


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