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5/25/2018 2:55:22 PM

The Worlds Strangest Gadget Inventions are mostly from Asia

Cockroach swatting slippers

Weird gadget to prevent hair falling down while eating for people with long hair

Fake husband pillow : actually fake arm lol, looks scary, imagine in the middle of the dark night, the woman tries to find the rest of his body

Fake breast for man without wife

Sleeping Helmet

Techno privacy Scarf,  good when you watch something in public, police wont catch you ;))

Farty Pants, I dont know what is it for, perhaps it observes the smell when you fart hahaha, jk..

Chop stick fan to blow hot food, ready to eat

Toilet paper, handy for sick people

Umbrella shoes, your feet wont get wet when it rains

Sleeping stick, for people who want to suicide..haha noo, it's for you to sleep in public transport but man the way she is sleeping looks like she's dead

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