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9/22/2019 7:04:40 PM

K-pop idols with the best dimpled smile

One of the most powerful weapons a human being can possess is the killer smile. Not everyone can be owners of this type of smile and when it partners up with this vicious thing called dimples, it can do great damage to our hearts. It’ll knock our breath away and leave us feeling vulnerable. KPOP idols who possess this smile have a great advantage in battle. With just a turn of their heads, and an upward curve near the tips of their mouths, these idols will have their fans feeling weak and surrendering in no time. Lets take a look at their smiles.

A lovely smile is the fast way to fans` hearts

B Bomb  Block B

B-Bomb (Block B)



Boram  T ara

Boram (T-ara)

Choi Si Won   Super Junior

Choi Si Won  (Super Junior)



Kang Ji Young  KARA

Kang Ji Young (KARA)

Kang Min Kyung  Davichi

Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)

Lee Jong Hyun  CNBlue

Lee Jong Hyun (CNBlue)

Leeteuk Super Junior

Leeteuk-Super Junior

Park Yoo Chun  JYJ

Park Yoo Chun (JYJ)

Sulli f x

Sulli f(x)

TOP  Big Bang

TOP (Big Bang)

Zelo  B A P

Zelo (B.A.P.)

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