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5/27/2020 3:13:49 PM

Blind 5 year old Pianist- New Mozart

Yoo Ye-eun, a 5 year-old South Korean girl is being talked about as though she might be the next Mozart.

Ye-eun was born without eyes and was abandoned by her parents.

She has never received formal piano lessons, yet even at the age of 3, she could play any song she heard after listening to it a single time.

The bling pianist received a large amount of recognition after a video of her performance recieved more than 27 million views on a popular Korean website called Pandora TV.

A similar clip on YouTube had received two million hits before it was removed.



She has perfect pitch even though she has never learnt to play. We never taught her,’ said Ye-eun’s adoptive mother, Park Jung Soon. In May she performed a duet of ‘You Raise me Up’ with 7 year-old British singer Connie Talbot, who last year starred in reality show Britain’s Got Talent.



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