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6/20/2019 11:58:29 AM

Mother Natural bringing Sexy Back

Inevitably some people will always tend to take their love for Mother Nature sexy offspring too far.

Various people throughout time have had sexual fetishes that include the use of fruit and vegetables. Some choose to avoid having real relationships with people that involve eventual let down and pain, while others are just really into mother nature.

Loving nature can have some dangers though and some countries have even decided to put warning labels on certain fruits and vegetables to limit the number of hospital visits they are receiving.



Fruits also have thier own secret in how intercourses occur in their production, but that mostly happen when human being can not observe, record etc. It is not like human being or animals. However the result turn out showing that mother nature is amazing.



Among the list of unsavory produce on the Government hit list are courgettes, cucumbers, bananas, carrots and squashes, which will have to carry a Government Health Warning that: ‘improper use is liable to corrupt and deprave, and may lead to surgical intervention’.


The banana and cucumber are so popular and enjoyed, that they even made those into vibrators.




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