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10/18/2018 2:56:30 PM

Swedish man proposed a Japanese girl. She said yes but her family said NO

This is what the guy wrote on reddit:

`I`m from Sweden, but we changed planes in Moscow. Well, first contact was on Facebook, but we meet when I was doing a charity tour/volunteer work in Fukushima and Miyagi after the tsunami of 2011. Cleaning up after a tsunami turned out to be much harder emotionally than I had imagined. The TV news censor a lot, but reality doesn`t
She supported me and encouraged me to battle through it all, and it brought us really close and we really hit it off after it was over. I fell hard for her and somehow convinced her to come with me to Sweden, but only after a year of long distance dating. Guess I owe the creater of Skyp a beer ;)

She was really sad that her family refused to acknowledge the proposal, let alone to be happy and excited for her sake. I just wanted to give her a positive memory in all of this :)`

This is sad, parents are supposed to be happy for their daughter....


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