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5/27/2020 6:42:32 AM

Fags caught in the act at Singapore nightclub Siloso Beach

The incident happened at Siloso Beach ( in Singapore) has raised angers for clubers and netizens. The identity of the molest victim in the Siloso Beach incident has been heavily discussed online.

Netizens who claim that they were at the scene of the incident speculate that the woman is in fact a transsexual from Thailand.

One netizen said: "Just so you know...she`s not even a real girl. Okay let`s cut it short. She`s a tranny. A transsexual.

Another netizen said that he does not think that molesting a transsexual is permissible. He said: "But have you considered that `she` may be a `he`? "Having said that, however, I am not advocating that that molesting transsexuals is permissible."

Meanwhile, in response to media queries, the Police has responded to confirm that no report has been made on the incident so far. Surprisingly, the people who are standing there just watch and take photos, it`s like fun for them .... 


 Video after the jump 


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