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5/19/2019 5:05:03 PM

Baby firing up the celebration

 The people at the parade gives a little kid an exciting experience in life. Every time when he raises his arm, cheers erupted.  At first glance, I thought he really did something which affected the crowed but.....    

This short clip is recorded when the family of the baby is taking a picture of him, accidently, the babe has created a fun and freaky weird moment under the support of the crowded.  , hopefully when he grows up, he might remember that he used to be a leader of a celebration when he was just a babe   

“We snuck out into the middle of Broad Street to snap a pic in front of City Hall and all the crowds. When Will raised his hands for the picture, cheers erupted. So he continued to repeat the gesture, getting wild response from the crowd on both sides of the street up and down the street as far as we could see. We couldn’t have planned this if we practiced and practiced. I wish the video was longer".


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