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7/17/2019 5:19:58 AM

High heel shoe phone

 This Shoe looks weird and funny but don`t try to wear it!! It is a high heel shoe design telephone. It is a great gift for your girlfriends or a decor at home!! Price depends on the market where it is located. Random from $22 to to $55. Hix....my girl wants an expensive phone, not this one, orther wise, I would make her smile by this small gift  . But girl can use this phone to call or to also protect herself with the heel   

• Telephone design in high heels shaped
• Tone / Pulse switchable
• Pause / Flash / Redial button
• Size: 180 x 170 x 75mm
• Weight: 260g


Check out more picture



It also has different colors, the heel looks shorter I think  


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