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10/20/2018 11:39:20 AM

Amazing 18 national flags made from the country`s traditional foods.

The world`s most yummy flags! Which one would you salute?

australia meat pie sauce

AUSTRALIA – Meat pie, sauce.

brazil bana leaf limes pineapple passion fruit

BRAZIL – Bana leaf, limes, pineapple, passion fruit.

china pittayadragon fruit and star fruit

CHINA – Pittaya/dragon fruit and star fruit.

france blue cheese brie grapes

FRANCE – Blue cheese, brie, grapes

greece kalamata olives and feta cheese

GREECE – Kalamata olives and feta cheese

india curries rice pappadum wafer

INDIA – Curries, rice, pappadum wafer

indonesia spicy curries and rice sambal

INDONESIA – Spicy curries and rice (Sambal)

italy basil pasta tomoatoes

ITALY – Basil, pasta, tomoatoes

japan tuna and rice

JAPAN – Tuna and rice

lebanon lavash fattoush herb spring

LEBANON – Lavash, fattoush, herb spring

south korea kimbap and sauces

SOUTH KOREA – Kimbap and sauces

spain chorizo and rice

SPAIN – Chorizo and rice

switzerland charcuteries and emmental

SWITZERLAND – Charcuteries and emmental

thailand sweet chilli sauce shredded coconut blue swimmer crab

THAILAND – Sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut, blue swimmer crab

turkey turkish delight lokum

TURKEY – Turkish Delight (Lokum)

united kingdom scone cream jams

UNITED KINGDOM – Scone, cream, jams

united states hot dogs ketchup and mustard

UNITED STATES – Hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

vietnam rambutan lychee starfuit

VIETNAM – Rambutan, lychee, starfuit

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