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8/5/2020 7:11:31 AM

Alcohol Breath Tester and Timer with Flashlight

Do you like parties? Are you a drunk buddy? ofcourse not, a drunk man will never say that he is drunk  . Wanna control your alcohol level, get away from police after parties   ? Check it out with this digital breath alcohol tester. It uses the advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor, to get more accurate data.

It is pocket sized and comes with a countdown timer, keychain and an orange LED torch. The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries. It is available at $11.59. Just grab one of this, you dont have to worry anymore how much you wanna drink, let bow up all the parties    . More pictures after the break


Here is the link to find this useful alcohol breath tester  , a good present in this holiday for your boyfriend, your dad and for drunk buddy girls 


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