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12/15/2018 11:53:06 PM

What do you think of this strange new Hollywood fashion trend? (10 pics)

The `man bun` The trend has made its way to Hollywood, sweeping up the luscious locks of some of the most desirable leading men in Tinseltown.

Adrian Grenier with a Man Buns 435x580

Adrian Grenier

Bradley Cooper with a Man Bun 435x580

Bradley Cooper

Celebrity Men with Man Buns 2 435x580

Orlando Bloom

Chris Hemsworth with a Man Bun 580x435

Chris Hemsworth

David Beckham with a Man Buns 580x435

David Beckham

Emile Hirsch with a Man Bun 435x580

Emile Hirsch

Gavin Rossdale with a Man Bun 435x580

Gavin Rossdale

Jason Momoa Man Bun 435x580

Jason Momoa

Russell Brand with a Man Bun 435x580

Russell Brand

Shia LaBeouf with a Man Bun 435x580

Shia LaBeouf

Via celebuzz.com

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