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7/13/2020 1:07:13 AM

The shower power

 Hello everyone, walking around the online market, I have found a very interesting gadget for you guys, introducing the Shower Power. You get a willing young lady in the shower with you    only to have one of you fall and hurt yourself. And you know what that means. It means that your fun time is over.

You can guess how well that goes over. These Shower Power suction cups will give you something to hold onto so that no one gets hurt. They won’t, however, make that activity last any more than 3 minutes.It actually is useful everywhere you go,not only in the bathroom, but also in the car, in an office, get two hand full of power with 2 Shower Power    

It is not expensive as well, random from $7 to $10   , probably because of the size. You can find it in private shop or can buy it online. Just a few dollar, bring you so much pleasure    



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