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7/13/2020 1:29:23 AM

Looking for a nice hotel for this holiday ? Why not these Weird Hotels

The Crazy House Hotel or Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam. This hotel was built in 1990 in Dalat, and has since been added onto numerous times over the years. This treehouse of sorts more resembles a fairytale castle than a hotel with its curvy interior and exterior. It is kinda scary but I guess it is comfortable and there will have raw stuffs inside which show you about The Vietnamese culture.


Asian hotel is the Capsule Inn in Osaka, Japan. The room just consists of a small capsule, with about 2m x 1m x 1.25m area. The capsules are stacked on top of each other, and each one has TV, bed, and a wireless Internet connection. Yeah, pretty cool amenities! This looks like a sort of Japanese's culture.



The Flush Hotel in South Korea   ! Yup, flush as in toilet! The hotel is shaped like a toilet and the owner, Sim Jae-Duck, built the $1.6 million toilet bowl in order to raise awareness about cleaner sanitation around the world. The weirdest thing: staying for one night will cost you $50,000!! However, the proceeds will go to poor countries and provide them with proper sanitation



Ariau Towers Hotel, Brazil

Not for the acrophobic, this hotel lets you sleep in the treetops of the Amazon Rainforest. “Tarzan’s house,” for example, is perched on stilts 80 feet above the ground. Situated on the bank of the Negro River, Ariau’s apartments, suites and tree houses are linked by a series of catwalks. It looks tremendous from the satelite.



Beckham Creek Cave Haven, Parthenon, Ark.

A “luxurious cave” may sound like the ultimate contradiction. This property, built into the Ozark Mountains, features natural rock walls and ceilings as well as Jacuzzi bathtubs and large windows for letting in light. Built as a Cold War bomb shelter by John Hay, founder of Celestial Seasonings tea, it’s now a base from which to hike, bike and explore local springs.



Hydropalace, Qingdao, China, this hotel is just a concept, you can not find it at the moment, but can book for your holiday next year  . Scheduled to open in 2009, the Hydropalace in Qingdao, China, will be anchored in the Yellow Sea in water that is 16 to 20 meters deep at low tide. Guests will arrive at the hotel by yacht, which will also stop at a planned land-based hydrotower, scheduled to open for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing



Ice Hotel, Quebec, Canada

The Ice Hotel is created anew each year out of 15,000 pounds of snow and 500 pounds of ice. The 34-room hotel features an ice chapel, two art galleries and a host of outdoor activities. The temperature inside the hotel ranges from 23 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit, and the beds are carved from ice. You don’t sleep directly on the ice, though–there’ s a wooden plank between the ice and a comfy mattress, plus you’re insulated with a special sleeping bag that can withstand the harshest climes (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). Happily, the bathrooms are not frigid–the heated facilities are in the adjacent hotel. Dont worry, you wont die, if you are not warm enough, you dont have to pay any cent    



Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

Would you rather sleep in a coffin or in a bed atop a castle? These are just a couple of options available when visiting the Propeller Island City Lodge, where each of the 31 rooms embrace a different theme. From the orange room to the symbol room–tiled entirely with wooden blocks painted with 300 different symbols–this gallery-esque spot gets those creative juices pumping.


The Pitcher Inn, Warren, Vt.

The nine rooms and two suites at The Pitcher Inn are designed on themes such as “School,” “Trout” and “Calvin Coolidge.” We’re not just talking variations in wallpaper–the “Stable” suite has a hay chute opening into it. Guests don’t rough it, however. The inn is a Relais and Chateaux property, and it includes a spa and dining room that uses fresh local and regional ingredients.


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