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8/25/2019 2:14:26 PM

Gold Iphone and Diamond Iphone for Holiday Season

Apple iphone is the hottest gadget of the year without doubt. But, a normal iphone was not the cup of tea for the for the bling thing lovers. you got more money than others, you were born to be rich already, let say you dont want just a normal iphone, you want something which distinguish you and normal people, and you want a DIAMOND iphone , not a big problem    , no matter Gold or Diamond, Apples always satisfy your pocket    

If your wish list for this holiday season includes a jeweled iphone version then I present you with the latest entrant onto the diamond-studded iPhone list with these latest precious stone iphone 3G editions from Goldstriker.

Apples produces a chain Diamond iphone random with the prices below: iPhone black & white diamond £3,595, iPhone Ruby & white diamond £3,095 and iPhone white diamond edition £4,095. My girl probably would never refuse this gift  


Goldstriker, who - depending on your taste in metal plating - either make the iPhone even more beautiful courtesy of precious metals or turn it into a gaudy, over-blinged embarrassment, have once again unleashed their electroplater and come up with the Solar Star edition.  Both the front bezel of the handset, and the Apple logo on the rear, are 24ct gold plated.  Meanwhile, the rest of the casing, including the antenna cover, is painted in the same Balloon White as you might find on a Lamborghini Gallardo.

What`s a beautiful  ,  your lover would cry in front of you if she/he gets this present in this holiday. What`s luxury


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