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11/14/2018 10:24:23 PM

Creative beverage coasters

I bet if you see a magazine of cell phones or clothes, cars, they all wil catch your attentio right away.  Hey, but small thins around you like Coasters,you go to the bars, club, have you ever pay attention to them? Nope, dont you  . Here I let you guy see a range of coasters designed all over the world. They have many sort of shapes like Cellphones and games. There’s iPhone, Mario, sponge, floppy disk and more. Check out the list   

iPhone Coasters-Creative coasters based on those ubiquitous iPhone menu icons.


Super Mario Bros. 3 Coasters

Coasters based on characters from Super Mario Bros, hehe I used to play this game when I was a little boy, now there are Mario Coaster.


Sponge Coasters

Sponge Coasters protect the surface the drink is on, while also being near to hand to quickly deal with any spilt liquids


Soft Sector Coasters

If you still remember paper sticky tabs for write protecting your favorite VGA game then this colorful nostalgic set is for your desk. Ah the good old days of beeping PC



Coaster Puzzles

Available in a variety of designs, these unique coaster puzzles separate to become four handy coasters


Pixel Drink Coasters

Each coaster is made up of 110 individual 1cm square “pixels” which are perfed in a way that lets you selectively remove blocks from each square. Through what sort of amounts to “pixel sculpting”, you can create your own personalized designs



Vintage Record Coasters

Give your drinks a spin with these cool assorted coasters handmade from real vinyl records. The discs are sealed so moisture won’t seep through to the surface. Comes in a set of six assorted labels packed in a clear, round case


CoasterGlow Coaster

I actually really like this one, would be cool in the club, birthday party. a coaster that will light up only when there is something sitting on top of it. We can use it instead of candle.


PlaceMaths Coasters

Practice your maths at the table! This set of 5 die-cut industrial felt coasters comes in four reversible color options and will bring out the young student in you and your guests

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