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7/20/2019 4:44:17 PM

Cardboard Iphone Dock

You own an iphone, very impressive!!  now you are looking for a dock to put it on. Well, too much money for an iphone already, now you dont want to spend more or do something creatively. I have something wanna let ya know. Instead of spending an extra $29 on an Apple iphone 3G Dock, they already designed a simple way which you can make your own iPhone dock, that is easy for anyone to make and can be made from readily available materials.

You can make a dock out of cardboard, use the A4 paper to print it out.

You might doubt that if the cardboard is strong enough to use as an iPhone dock, but dont worry, it works very well with various designs and thickness of cardboard.

What you need to make your own Iphoen dock is a sheet of A4 cardboard, some sharp scissors or a craft knife, a printer and your iPhone dock cable that came with your 3G iPhone

you use at least 200gsm cardboard, but the thicker the better, around 270 gsm is the best. Here’s a video with full instructions on how to make your own. Good luck everyone 


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