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11/15/2019 1:15:59 AM

The Most Hilariously Unfortunate Ad Placements Ever ...(10 photos)

When it comes to billboard advertising, agencies have to double a check the wall or billboard they’re going to use. Even they do that carefully, in some situations after the ad is released to the public, strangest things can happen. For example, how could this underwear company called ‘’Delicate’’ anticipate the mud on their product? Or Nestle can imagine a dumpster would be placed in front of their ad. Results are creative and yet hilarious.

10 – Yahoo


09 – Wildrose

Advertising Wildrose

08 – Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

07 – Taxi Target

Taxi Taget

06 – Starbucks


05 – Nestle


04 – Les Miserables

Les Miserables

03 – Kitekat


02 – Delicate Underwear

Delicate Underwear

01 – Coca Cola

Coca Cola

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