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11/12/2019 2:40:33 PM

Eating bananas like Japanese artist (10pics)

End Cape, a young Japanese artist who specializes in bruising bananas. Using a sharp tool like a simple needle or a thumbtack, he spends up to five hours puncturing the peel of the tropical fruit and creating breathtaking masterpieces inspired by popular anime, traditional Japanese art and famous landmarks. The process is very similar to that used by regular tattoo artists, only without the paint. In contact with air, the bruised sections of the banana turn brown, revealing artist’s designs. Apparently, the colder the fruit is, the faster it oxidizes. By controlling the density of needle holes, End Cape is able to create different textures and shades of brown.

banana tattoos

banana tattoos2

banana tattoos3

banana tattoos4

banana tattoos5

banana tattoos6

banana tattoos7

banana tattoos8

banana tattoos9

banana tattoos10

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